Monday, February 1, 2010

pandora's box.

deep inside, a swollen
box of emotions. steel
and cold.
gathering it's dust as it forgets
how to be opened,
now and then just
the slightest shake when her
emotions, they try.
try to sneak out.
even through a key hole of space.

with the settling of
dust, they are
covered and unnoticed
once again.
once again.

building up till one day.
till it bursts and
releasing more than the
eye has come
to know.

lines on my skin, clothes on my back.

the clothes we wear are what defines us as people,
they are part of what we base first impressions on.

For me clothes is what makes me who i am, it is a
silent way i can express myself and show who i am without
uttering a word, but screaming it
in appearance.
(an image.)

to label someone on how they look is
is basing your interpretation of how they look
on their character,
their personality and maybe even their beliefs.
which can be very warped idea of how they really
are as a human being.