Thursday, June 23, 2011

happy birthday lovely.

happy birthday to such a lovely lady,
dearest miki :)
to all the good times!
and many more!
loves and hugs and all that jazz.

just to say.

hey lovely people.

so exams have come to the end, i've been
lucky enough to have like two, three days off,
tomorrow is the last day of school, the dreaded day
when i get my marks back,
to put it simply i'm fucking out, all the pressure to get the right
marks [and portfolio] so that the UCT art department will be begging me to come
study there, hold thumbs and any other limbs
necessary for me!

tonight i'm having some people over for drinks
as the first part of celebrating a friends birthday, the lovely miki,
drinks too make tomorrow filled with huge hangovers,
and pity laughs :)
the best kind.

Friday, June 10, 2011


can't stop looking at all these beautiful shoes lately.
i want, want, want.
they are extraordinary!

5 t o g o

exams make me feel 
c l a u s t r o p h o b i c,
i feel so deprived, i just want to take photographs
of anything and everything even if it's 
a leaf, book, friends, glasses, shadows,
so today with no one to take photographs of, i
had to use myself.
so here they are.
hope you lovely people are getting through these 
nauseating exams.

holidays soon and then just copious amounts of fun!
5 t o g o.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


i love this,
makes my heart sing.

beautiful alexandra.

this is my lovely friend alex,
i got to take some photographs of her
on one of our study breaks.

Friday, June 3, 2011

a great winters day, with a touch of sun.

yesterday i had such a good day,
went for some lunch, went book searching and
to end it off went for a cocktail.

i got two books, one being Moby Dick, 
can't wait to start reading it!

can only say thanks to dear, mitch.
loves&all that jazz.