Tuesday, September 14, 2010


been wanting a tattoo for ages now,
always had so many idea's and
then they get used or get old,
i didn't just want to get some
arb pattern or blob of some weird subject matter.
so thought about it long and hard &
so i've put two together [two idea's]
that have stayed with me & that i love.

the whole idea behind it, is for me &
my brother [he's my best friend.]

so here's the symbolism & reason behind the madness;
''we are infinite.'', it means having no
limits or boundaries, in time & space.
love birds. The birds represent freedom and peace.

it's how our friendship will always
be infinite to me.
when we chillin' [yes, super colloquial word right there.]
together, there's an infinite amount of time
and its how i can explain how i feel.

infinite with happiness.

tuesday, 14 September 2010.


  1. thanks :)
    i want to, trying to
    get dad to say yes.
    my mom loves it and wants me to do it
    which is a plus :)
    really excited.