Friday, December 31, 2010

shake your hips, i want your lips!

We don't sleep when the sun goes down.
We don't waste no precious time.
All my friends in the loop.
Making up for teenage crime.

- i love this song.
it's by Adrian Lux and it's called Teenage crime.

those are the lyrics at the top, as you can see,
they are not a person of very many words.
i love that it's so simple.

good song.
good mood.
tomorrow i leave to langebaan,
for new years.

have a good one peeps.
to everyone out there on this vast 
techno world of blogs, tweets, facebooking
and so the list goes on.

drive safe, drink copious amounts,
surround yourself with friends,
watch the fireworks, laugh till your body
can't take it anymore and enjoy the
journey from this year and into the new one.

here are some of my favourite photographs,
some i've taken and some i've found on the
web and such.

Mike and rich.
on my Job shadowing day.

a funny girl,
she had a youtube blog of sorts.
love it.
go have a gander at tabby!

i love the colours.

a rad blogspot you should go read, here's the link

a photography of myself as a tiny-tot.

one of my favourite blogspot headers i've done.

Ben Watts is amazing. love him and his work!

i took this in Kalk Bay

My lovely chelseea. she's too amazing a friend, no words.

my best friend.

a self portrait.

at Laura's birthday party, got rather sick. Alcohol is neither friend nor foe.

my feet, my hands, my feethands.

Clara as Wrath.

Clara 'hiding her sins', without her help as a model this
year i would be rather screwed. she was lovely
to work with and is a good friend. hope she 
has a good gap year this one coming.

the three braziers.

Courtney as Princess and the pea. She's so lovely.


Self portrait, trying to put my new
skills that i learned from the talented Renee,
on my Job Shadowing.

Underwater  photograph i took in Malaysia,
more difficult than you would expect. 

there for her no matter what.
this was a day trip, me, mike and chels went
was to make chels a happy camper.

wolfpack of three.

handsome pet he is, brother mikey.

Clara in the fields. 

Clara helping yet again for my art work.

Self portrait, on my my favourites.
i like the mist.

two beautiful girls,
had such a lovely weekend at the breede.

'you can not pull me down,
with judgement of what i wear.'

Annie Leibovitz the great!

my memory fails me and i can't
remember where i found this.
i love the lighting.
forgive me for forgetting.

my last camp.
stuffing our faces.
nom nom.


mitch and chels, they always make me happy,
no matter what.
[in my heart. always.]

camp, i love dirty shoes and
beautiful coloured leaves,
why not have both?

we are thick as thieves.

you're so stunning.

makes me smile.

only happy memories come to mind.
[Hermanus camping.]

takin' a trip.
Hermanus Camping trip with mike,clara, me and matty.

Hermanus, while takin' a drive.
we stopped and we found this beautiful old barn house.

a Kalk Bay trip.

Matty and Clara, while going caving
in Gansbaai.

absloutely stunning.
find her work here;

and yet again so beautiful,
find her here again; 

i love this painting,
find here;

Tim Walker, such an
extraordinary photographer.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

crush a bit, roll a bit.

i love the sparkle in her eye,
click on it to take a gander at a larger 
size of the photograph.

went to Vergelegen today.
now before i babble on about this magical place,
Vergelegen is a wine estate but it also has two restaurants, a gift shop, a place for wine tasting,
and the most stunning grounds you have ever seen.

every time i go there, which isn't often, i get reminded just how beautiful this place that i live in, really is. The photographs above are were taken there.

the problem that i faced with these damn photographs, was
that each place had so little light, was really shady or dark, with the odd bit of sunshine and tons of wind. That made my camera
battled to get enough light into the lens, and i ended up getting a whole bunch that were
blurry. not the
best thing at all.
was a bit of a mood dampener, but there are the few that weren't
too bad.