Thursday, December 30, 2010

crush a bit, roll a bit.

i love the sparkle in her eye,
click on it to take a gander at a larger 
size of the photograph.

went to Vergelegen today.
now before i babble on about this magical place,
Vergelegen is a wine estate but it also has two restaurants, a gift shop, a place for wine tasting,
and the most stunning grounds you have ever seen.

every time i go there, which isn't often, i get reminded just how beautiful this place that i live in, really is. The photographs above are were taken there.

the problem that i faced with these damn photographs, was
that each place had so little light, was really shady or dark, with the odd bit of sunshine and tons of wind. That made my camera
battled to get enough light into the lens, and i ended up getting a whole bunch that were
blurry. not the
best thing at all.
was a bit of a mood dampener, but there are the few that weren't
too bad.


  1. Judging by the harsh shadows these shots were taken in the middle of the day, not the best time for photography. You did well to capture what you did; the white waterlily is particularly well exposed, preserving detail in the white, which is so easy to blow out.

    I like the shots of your friends under the trees. Mixed light is normally to be avoided for portraiture but you've used it creatively with the shadows of the leaves adding to the images rather than detracting.

  2. thank you.

    i really battled to get them to focus
    and even in those shots they
    aren't as focused as i would like