Thursday, December 16, 2010

this right here.

i recently went to joburg, the city of gold and all that jazz.
[went for a week, with carol. Aka moms.]
if you ask me it's not really all that and a bag of crisps as it is grimy.
grimy? yes, grimy. the streets aren't looked after. a sham really.
never the less, i had oodles of fun with the family, uncle, aunt and the two cousins.

here are a few photo's a took.
not that great but hey i took a few with all that was going on.

the dog, Roxy.
she has lost her marbles so to speak. 
the girls used to tease her with a laser and
as a result she now chases shadows.

[in order.]
Meg, Sam.

got home.
then this.

Mike got into the pool, to fish for the tree and it's pot.
the wind was roaring that night and afternoon and it went for a dip.
the pot is in bits and the tree is in perfect health.

poppy, my pet.

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