Thursday, December 16, 2010


the other day i went to a buddhist teaching on attachments and letting go.
it was so beautiful, Pagpa, a buddhist monk spoke and he is such a lovely man.
he has this calming effect on people.
he spoke of how in life we let things people get to us, we have emotional attachments to things and how an environment, situation, name, place etc all have these attachments to them.
for instance, when i go to this certain place it makes me sad or if i see this certain person they will make me sad, happy and so forth. but this is not the case.
an object, place or person can not make you happy, sad or whatever emotion you are feeling, the only thing that can make you feel that particular emotion is you.
in order to be able to control them, well that is up to us to separate these emotions from the object, person or place. 
letting go.
we can not let an emotion i.e being sad, or a worry consume us.
we can only worry about what we can do ourselves.
this is not saying we can be selfish and only worry about ourselves, but to say that i accept it's her monkey [my way of saying it's her problem.] and that i can try help and be there for you but it can not consume me and become my problem.

we should be generous and helpful.
i learnt a lot and have a new look on things.
looking forward to the next.

[Buddha Sakyamuni.]

keep an open, happy, relaxed mind.

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