Friday, December 24, 2010

tweet tweet.

i have joined the tweeting cult,
joining twitter.

i am officially a fellow tweeter, twitterer
or whatever terminology you might want to use.

if you wish to find or follow me,
you can find me here;!/jaguarslove

i have only posted one tweet thus far,
since it is the very first tweet i have posted 
i will document it by posting it right here for you to see;

'Went to breede recently, such bliss. 
Copious amounts of sun,photographs&alcohol. 
Here's two tubing. '

here's a tune for you to take a gander at.
from the movie Scott Pilgram vs The World.
it was a rather good film, i loved the animation.
Michael Cerra stars in it and i rate he was a perfect choice for the movie.
by the Metric, called Black Sheep.

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