Tuesday, March 29, 2011

feeling some what claustrophobic.

okay since i haven't
blogged for quite a while i'll fill you in
with whats been happening, well been on holiday for the last 2 weeks
or so,  been really chilled and such, haven't been taking any photo's
as its been a mission to go out as dad's been away and mom's still
on bed rest. which turns out to be a  bit of a bother really.
hm what else?
oh, we had someone break into our house, not the best thing,
he came through my door and Soph, my nanny, walked in on him.
screamed and hit the panic button, which sent him running at a fast pace.
The armed response never caught him but they did get pictures of him from the next door's
camera, which is a good thing.
but on the debbie down-side, the little fucker stole my ipod,
which is actually very depressing to be honest.

but on the plus side, it's my lovely friends birthday next week and
we are going to Beuna Vista (spelling?) for dinner and drinks, then to town
and then! and then! later in the week, we are going to Langebaan for 2 days or so, which is
going to be such a blast.
camera, great friends, drinks, music, the beach,
what more would you want?

well enough for now.

here's some tunes for you.

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