Monday, July 18, 2011

back from over the seas.

mike with rocks up his nose,
this was right after he was trying to push rocks the size of walnuts up

yesterday i got back from greece,
exciting stuff.
upon my arrival i found out that some of my photographs
got selected for a gallery exhibition called body blocks,
i swear i couldn't be happier.

hears some news from greece;
got to see my aunt, uncle, two cousins; Meg and Sam, Linda and Tyron
got my matric dance dress, that i am completely in love with
got to see my brother, who is the best thing since sliced bread and his
beautiful girlfriend chelsea
got to go with my best friend, mitch, who has
now been renamed 'muzzy', on the account of her looking like a muslim
on the holiday

i won't say more as i will either tell secrets and
personally events or i will bore you to tears
so here's the best way i can tell you about greece,
with some photographs i took

me and muzzy on the long flight to london

on the plane

part of the Acropolis 

my favorite one of dad

the church on the hill where they filmed mama mia.

playing spoons and kings.

the cutest little boy ever.

how big is the beach ball?

on the bus, the first leg home.

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