Wednesday, October 26, 2011

crazy cats.

okay so my last day of school we all got to dress up and the
theme that was decided was 'back to the beginning' 
.. or something like that anyway.
we had to dress up like when we were little or something we liked when we were small.

here are the few photographs that I took, and you guys will just have to wait for the photographs of valedictory and the after party, which might i add was definitely what you could call a rough one.
i won't go into details cause i think what happens at ant's farm should stay at ant's farm, plus incase mom reads this, i don't want her eyes to fall out her head..

since i've been dying to get one of these hats since 
here are some photographs of it, in all it's glory.

Miki and Meg as babies and well not sure
what Francois is to be honest..

Muzz havin' her 'super hero' moment
that she's always wanted..
although she's meant to be evil so don't
quiet understand the logic behind it all

cute, daniel

bestest friends.
Me, Daniel and muzz

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