Wednesday, October 26, 2011

matric dances.

I apologize for not blogging or at very least been 
posting a song or a photograph from time to time. I know, I've been slacking with this bloody blog.
Things have been so hectic, so many 'last day' -s...
Well let me try catch you up on whats been happening, and a word of warning i might have to do this in a few posts as i have just noticed i haven't even posted photographs of the matric dance. [which was an age ago.- poor form here people]

okay well, ah.
matric dance.
 It was pretty much the whole day of getting ready, tons of make up, glitter bits flying around, copious amounts of champagne AND so much nerves. The worst part about all of this excitement is that it was like reading a book with so much build up and no climax.. 
maybe it was just so rushed but i was really disappointed with the set up of the whole place. Don't get me wrong the venue was stunning but oh well. 
Here are a few photographs of the night;

in good ol' ash style i just couldn't go in shoes.

me and richy.

muzz and steve.

wolf pack of four.

lank retarded, but hey..

group photograph of us all at daniel's house.

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