Tuesday, November 9, 2010


i did a painting today for my room.
not the normal kind of painting that i have in my room. it's different from all my other stuff.
not sure if thats a good or bad thing. still getting used to it.
leaning on the boarder of liking and disliking it immensely.
but oh well. [thats just a piece of it, it has a quote from a song on the side in white.]

also today i ty-dyed a shirt and panties. there's the shirt.
but my under garments are strictly off limits.
jokes. just wouldn't be kosher if i put them up. ha?


  1. Hay!
    I know this is random but I like looking at people's blogs and I REALLY like the pictures. Did you take all of them? They're really neat. The only talent I have in the arts besides music is writing. I love writing books and poems. Ever since my friend took a picture for the cover of my book, everytime I see a photo, I imagine it as being the cover of a novel. I try and think up a title and everything.
    Anyway, I hope you don't think this is creepy or anything. Just commenting because your art is really awesome.

  2. hey there :) thanks so much
    ah thats awesome!
    nah i love to hear
    people's thoughts and such :)
    glad you commented,
    i love that you do that, i love writing as well, makes
    me feel free in a way, ha.
    you should start your own blog and put all your stuff on it.
    if you do let me know :)
    and yes all these photographs are mine :)
    hope you keep looking at my blog :)