Wednesday, November 10, 2010

wishful thinking babe, it's all wishful thinking.

{bit of me rattling on.}

with six or so exams to go, i'm falling at the seams here.
can't seem to stay in these 'exam vibes' and just
knuckle down and work. well actually to be honest with myself
i haven't really 'gotten into it'
[sexual innuendo much? or am i just sick? haha.]
well with this, i seem to be going through
a 'mid-teen-crisis', is there even such a thing?
well with the plans of dyeing my hair blonde, which
didn't turn out too well as i got a friend to photoshop be as a blonde.
well lets just say the results were not what i expected.
the words 'porno' and 'asian-hooker'
came to mind. haha lovely.
so with that out the window i went and got a belly-ring.
poppy much? so not me.
but i thought what the hell? lets me spontaneous and just
went and got it, kinda like it.
BUT don't worry thats where it stops, no
chandelier jewels will be hanging from my
naval. siff.
no thanks.

anyway, so greece. ah.
next year.
been googling it, here's what i found.

[my new belly ring. haha still has the clamp mark. it's made my tummy a funny colour though from the polaroid.]

[only photograph on this post that is mine, is of my belly-ring. the rest were from google and just edited, i.e put into a polaroid.]

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