Monday, November 15, 2010


i deactivated facebook yesterday.
today is day two.
- it actually feels rather relaxing without 
it, like i don't need to worry about anything 
or don't have this constant urge.
although i have still found myself going to 
the facebook page on my phone.
[twice. not too shabby for a addict.]
why you may ask? 
need some time away from all
these technological ties and 
just chill and not have to be all.
ahh. yes i have not very many words these days so there's
a sound for you, instead of trying to  
sit here and try describe
these old and new found feelings.
this is not some 
talk group. so 'ahh.' it is.

also started to clean the ol' room today,
it's that time of the year again.
it's one of those things that before i start i'm
like; 'ah, this is a great idea, clean and
then half way through,
with the whole contents of my cupboards on my bed,
around my feet, hanging off my shoulders, on chairs and anywhere 
possible, i get the feeling that maybe i shouldn't done this
or at very least i should have started small and 
gone with one draw in my side desk.
yet here i am, 

sitting in clothes and belts hanging from around my arm looking at the messy hole i call a room.

[soph sitting in the best part mess of my room.]

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